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PSM Marketing | 11/01/2015

Biker Santa Event!


Give you customers their merriest Christmas ever by hosting a Christmas party at your dealership next month.  We have dozens of creative Christmas Party designs for you to chose from to get the ball rolling. But, Hurry!  You have to sign up tomorrow for a December 19th event.  Click the image above for more information.

Local Web Dominator Case Study: Headingley Sport Shop



Headingley Sport Shop is no stranger to high performance and incredible service.  In fact, their dedicated team of professionals has made Headingley Sport Shop the most trusted Powersports dealer in Manitoba. Their primary goal is to ensure the highest level of service by building lasting relationships with their customers.  And, they’ve done business each day since 1969 with that very goal in mind.  Operations Manager, Mindy Cole, knows that word of mouth from happy customers is critical to their business’s success. But, she is also aware of the fact that digital marketing has now also become a non-negotiable.  So, like many other Powersports dealers, Mindy’s objective was to use her digital marketing budget to yield the highest ROI possible.




Being an ‘operations’ minded person, Mindy isn’t wooed by fluff or gimmicks.  She’s a clever business woman who wants to see the hard facts supported by data.  So, while she was content with her previous vendor for her digital marketing solution, she met with our team and looked at the performance of her current campaigns. She then decided to give our team a chance to manage the Google AdWords PPC campaign for Headingley Sport Shop. Mindy worked closely with us to ensure the expertise we bring to Google AdWords melded together profitably with the knowledge she has of her market and her specific business details.



Through this collaborative partnership, the Headingley Sport Shop AdWords campaign has generated an average of 40+ conversions every month. Not just clicks, but conversions.  That means that someone: 1. clicked on their ad 2. visited their site 3. requested a quote, completed the contact us form, requested a demo ride or filled out a finance application.  More than forty times per month.  And even more compelling is that their average cost per conversion is only about $13 each.  That’s in addition to the 100,000+ people in her market that have seen the Headingley Sport Shop ad each month. Or the additional 12-15% of website traffic she gets each month from the professionally managed AdWords campaign.


Want to generate those kind of quality leads & conversions?  Want to grow your website traffic by more than 10% each month?  Want  thousands of LOCAL Powersports enthusiasts to see your ad each month (for free…because you only pay when they click)?  If so, give us a call today at 877-242-4472 and we can tell you more about Google AdWords and how it can help grow your business, increase sales and generate a positive ROI on your hard earned marketing budget.




Our FREE book program supplements the current Sharp Shooter campaign training we offer each week.  When you sign up for a Sharp Shooter campaign, we’ll train your staff to be ready for the event with our live ‘Campaign Kick-Off’ webinar.   View the training times and log in details by visiting our Training Calendar here.


In addition to getting your team motivated to provide outstanding service to your customers during your event, dealers who attend the Campaign Kick-Off Training prior to their event will receive one FREE motivating business/life book each month they attend.


Following is the list of FREE books for 2015:



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