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Brad Cannon | 07/25/2019

There’s a new buzz of excitement around the office here in Atlanta. For nearly a decade, we’ve cranked out the single best way to drive traffic to dealerships in the industry – the Sharp Shooter program. It’s worked week in, week out, month-to-month, year-to-year, during the riding season and outside the riding season. The Sharp Shooter has been amazing, and we have the data to prove it. Back in 2009 when we first launched the Sharp Shooter, we had done all the research and combined the best of all marketing worlds at the time to craft a program that incorporated marketing best practices to cover all 4 bases for a perfect campaign: right market, right media, right message, at just the right time. And it worked.

It was revolutionary in the industry, and we were all very proud of how we were able to provide a valuable service to dealers, handling the marketing end of their dealerships so they could focus their energy on selling more units and making more money.  

Fast forward a decade, and now we have a new program we’re rolling out that we think is as exciting as the Sharp Shooter was. It’s called the Bullseye program. Because we’re fun like that. 

You know what else is fun? More leads. And the Bullseye program gets them.

Over the past several years, dealers have shared with us the pain points they have when marketing, and we’ve developed this program to help.

The Sharp Shooter is event based marketing – which is a great way to market, but not all dealers can successfully host events. Sometimes staffing is an issue, parking lot size, location, weather, and a host of other things can come into play that make events difficult for some.  

The Bullseye is targeted in much the same way as the Sharp Shooter, but doesn’t have to be event driven. This helps dealers for whom hosting events is a hardship. 

The media methods used are a little different with this program as well. We still use direct mail – easily one of the best marketing media on the planet – and it isn’t permission based, so it makes conquest easy. But instead of callblasts (like with the Sharp Shooter) we use a combination of Google Ads and social media to reach out to prospects.

Side note here: there’s nobody in the business better at using Google and Facebook to market powersports dealerships than PSM Marketing. Yeah, I said that. 

We’ve been partnered up with Google for over a decade. We’re Google award-winning Premier Partners. We participate in Google focus groups, beta new Ads and Analytics functionality, and participate in new product reviews. 

Another pain point for many dealers that we’ve been hearing about for a long time is lead follow-up. We generate leads for dealers. A lot of them. For many dealers, efficiently following up with leads and turning them into sales is a challenge. As part of this program, we can use our in-house call center to follow up with your leads, set appointments for your sales team, and let them focus on what they’re good at – sales. 

This program is a total game changer. It’s exciting because it leverages marketing best practices to generate leads, and we handle the hard part of follow up for you. You don’t have to be a big dealership with a lot of staff, we can help you be successful with a program that doesn’t break the bank, and drives leads into your dealership in a manageable fashion, so you can maximize every opportunity.

Give us a shout and we can cover the program in more detail and show you how it can work for your dealership.

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