Case Study - Jaguar Power Sports Jacksonville, FL

Tia Robinson | 12/28/2016




Jaguar Power Sports is a fast-growing powersports dealership in Jacksonville, Florida.  Owner, Shaun Jakrel, is like most owner-operators in the Powersports industry. He wears many hats to help successfully grow the business that he is so passionate about.  And, while Shaun and his team take great pride in offering exceptional, high-quality products for fair prices, at the end of the day it’s Shaun’s passion for the industry and his customers that set Jaguar Power Sports apart from the other dealers in the area.


Conveying that kind of enthusiasm to customers is hard to do when a majority of customers are doing their pre-purchase research online instead of visiting the dealership. So, Shaun needed a way to turn his contagious enthusiasm into a lead-generating outlet.



Shaun chose email marketing as part of the mix to get the word out about his quality inventory and his passion for the industry.  He gradually switched from using Constant Contact to sending emails out of the Firestorm email system included for FREE in the Local Web Dominator program. His switch was partially due to the industry-specific, themed templates in Firestorm.  The templates allowed him to add some killer creative to his emails without having to have a graphic artist on staff.


He’s always been a fan of email marketing as an avenue to generate leads for Jaguar Power Sports.  But, thanks to the hundreds of incredible themes in Firestorm, he can make a huge impact in his email marketing with very little effort.  Each email can be loaded down with current inventory, specials, new arrivals, and package the message in such a cool-professional template that makes customers much more likely to open and click within the emails.


Shaun was skeptical about Firestorm at first.  In fact, he often split tested emails that he sent in the new Firestorm email program with the same email sent in Constant Contact.  Understandably, he didn’t want to abandon a system that was working well for him unless he had a very compelling reason to do so.



The results from his email campaigns in Firestorm are pretty compelling, to say the least. Jaguar Power Sports sends out about 2 emails per week to their customer list.  Every email they send out includes links back to their website, specifically to their current inventory page.  Shaun knows that his email marketing is meant to share his passion for the industry with his customers and to generate leads.  


Thanks to those links in the emails, for the month of November, the click through rates for each email were exceptional. The Click Through Rate (CTR) ranged from 17% on the low side all the way up to 29%.  A strong email click through rate across all industries is between 3-7%.  


After such a large percentage of folks click on the emails from Jaguar Power Sports, the real magic happens on their website.  More than 13% of the total website traffic is from email marketing.  Plus, 12 Finance Applications, 10 “Make an Offer” and 46 Quote Requests just from the website traffic that came from clicks in their emails.  


It turns out when you have an incredible passion for powersports, and you consistently use quality email marketing to reach out to your customers, you will drive substantial leads for your business.


Want to have an email marketing program that was created exclusively for the Powersports industry, has pre-populated images and ad copy, and generates killer results?  Firestorm is a FREE component of the Local Web Dominator program.  Give us a call today at 877-242-4472 and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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