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Tia Robinson | 02/28/2018




Sloan’s is one of the oldest and largest motorcycle & ATV dealers in the nation and have been serving the powersports riding community in the Nashville, Tennessee area for over 50 years!  Most folks (including dealers in the powersports industry) know and are extremely fond of Curtis Sloan and his team at Sloan’s Motorcycle and ATV.  They have built a reputation over the decades of being a dealership with heart, soul, and character.  


One of Curtis Sloan’s primary objectives is to always be growing the business by increasing their customer-base.  Additionally, he’s on a personal quest to continuously improve on processes to help his dealership serve their customers in the best ways possible.




Because of this desire to grow and provide the best experiences for his customers, Curtis decided to switch his website from DealerSpike to the newly launched Firestorm Website platform.  


Although Curtis was happy with his current website and the service he received from his rep. at DealerSpike, there were a few key technologies available only on a Firestorm Website that he felt would make a big difference in his ability to serve his customers better and gain more market-share through increased leads.




The new Firestorm Website platform was built for two purposes:


1. To Identify Anonymous Customers (a feature that no other website provider is able to offer).


2. Generate Leads (which Firestorm Websites do better because of their clean, simple designs, Automatic Inventory Integration, a Mobile App that allows inventory pictures to be added instantly, and VIN decoding).


In the first two months of the new Firestorm website, Sloan’s Motorcycle & ATV benefitted from a 30% increase in leads, each month!  And, those leads were generated in the ‘off season’ for the industry.


Is your website built to tell you ‘who’ was on your site, not just the number of visitors?  Is your website built to generate leads by creating an emotional response in your website visitors?  Do the leads you get from your website currently want your lowest out the door price?  If so, you owe it to your dealership to check out Firestorm Websites.  They are different for a reason and you’ll see the kind of success that Curtis and his team have seen from this unique website platform.  Call us today at 877-242-4472 or request a Free Demo at, so we can walk you through the Firestorm Website difference.

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