Case Study - Empire Harley-Davidson® - New Rochelle, NY

Tia Robinson | 09/10/2016




Empire Harley is a family run business that provides a “premier Harley-Davidson experience” to all their customers.  They pride themselves on being Harley Headquarters for the tri-state area. Randy Medina, the Marketing Director, has an important responsibility to every department in the dealership.  His job is to help Empire Harley increase market share by having a steady stream of new customers coming through the doors.



Randy knew that Empire Harley needed to have a strong online presence to attract new customers.  Which is what made the Local Web Dominator an obvious choice for his dealership.  We worked together on a strategic approach to the Google AdWords component of the program to target motorcyclists in the New Rochelle area who were actively searching for the products and brands they sold.  


Additionally, Randy understood that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a quantifiable marketing channel that works like a 100% commission sales person.  SEM targets the folks actively researching the unit(s) they are interested in purchasing. Which means it’s critical for local dealers like Empire Harley-Davidson to have top-of-page placement, with a competitive budget, on model-specific advertising to help drive new customers who may not have otherwise known about their dealership.




Empire Harley allocated a $2,500/month budget for their Google AdWords account, and has seen an incredible ROI each month as a result. Their Click Through Rate has been well above average in the 6%- 7.33% range each month (Google considers a 2% CTR as strong performance).  But, the metric that really shows where the rubber meets the road is in the conversions.  A conversion is a desired activity AFTER someone clicks on your ad, such as a quote request, contact us, or finance application completed.  For Empire Harley-Davidson, they average 80-120 conversion PER MONTH!  Last month, they had 33 Quote requests & Finance forms completed. With a conservative 10% closing ratio, that would mean that they sold about 3 units last month from their Google AdWords campaign alone, which more than pays for their competitive advertising budget.


Want to see how much more market share you can carve off by having a well-managed Google AdWords campaign with a competitive budget? Does your current SEM strategy generate a positive ROI for your ad budget? Give us a call to get a FREE quote on the Local Web Dominator program: 877-242-4472 or visit us online at

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