Case Study: Cycle Works Motorsports

Tia Robinson | 02/20/2018





The team at Cycle Works Motorsports are all powersports enthusiasts, meaning they love the toys they sell as much as the customers who purchase them. And their customers know that the team is committed to creating lasting, long-term relationships, which is evident the exceptional support customers get when they shop at Cycle Works Motorsports. 


In Edmonton, Alberta the Cycle Works team has plenty of opportunity to love the snowmobile season and excitement in full swing all winter long. Plus, the Polari=s OEM offers a “Snowcheck” program each year that allows customers to pre-order their new sleds (with enhanced customization options) for incredible prices at the end of the sledding season, to be picked up at the beginning of the next sled season. 


General Manager, Alicia Dubvosky’s goal for the 2017 Snowcheck program was to take as many pre-orders for 2018 sleds as she could. She wanted to bring customers to market sooner and allow them to get a value on the customized sled of their dreams.  Additionally, she wanted to extend their snowmobile selling season and bring in a burst of profits during the seasonal transition period.



Through her Local Web Dominator program, Alicia partnered with Digital Marketing Specialist, Allison Brown, to create a four-part plan of attack. Alicia and Allison devised a digital strategy that launched precisely targeted advertising on Google Search, Google Display, Google Remarketing, and Facebook advertising. They set up an exclusive and very competitive $5,000 budget for a 6-week window (March 2 – April 12). And they ensured that the ads were directed specifically to the Alberta market and to website visitors that were identified as “Winter Sport Enthusiasts and Powersports Enthusiasts.”




By using an expert in Digital Marketing, targeting only the specific niche that is most likely to respond to her message, having a compelling call-to-action in all her ads with a deadline to respond (creating a sense of urgency), Alecia’s campaign was an undeniable success!


• Google Search campaign generated 81 conversions (14 Calls, 37 Finance Form Fills, 28 Map and Hours, 2 Lead Form Submits)

• Google Display campaign generated 41 conversions (39 Finance Form Fills, 2 Map and Hours)

• Google Remarketing campaign generated 4 conversions (4 Finance Form Fills)

• Facebook Advertising campaign generated 34 conversions (12 Finance Forms, 2 Lead Submit, 20 Map And Hours)


So, for $5,000 in only 6 weeks, Alicia’s campaign was able to generate a total 92 Finance Applications and 160 total conversions.  If her team was able to close a conservative 10% of the Finance Applicants alone, she would have sold 9 additional snowmobiles at the end of the sledding season when sales are typically tapering off.  WOW!  What an incredible burst of business at the end of a season to set up the rest of the year on a good note.


Does your digital marketing campaign generate those kinds of quantifiable ROI and lead generation…at the end of a season? If not, give us a call today to see how the Local Web Dominator can make a huge impact in your online leads: 877-242-4472.

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