Case Study - Rosenau Powersports - Dearborn Heights, MI

Tia Robinson | 08/29/2016




Rosenau Powersports started out as a small motorcycle repair shop in 1971 and has grown to a mega-dealership carrying 16 brands of powersports toys in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.  The continued growth and success of Rosenau Powersports is based on the hard-working, passionate, team who strive daily top ensure top-notch customer services.


General Manager, John Rasmussen, knew that if he could get the customers in the door, his incredible team would take care of them and ensure they would be customers for life.  So, he wanted to increase the number of leads they were getting each month for his sales team to drive additional sales.



John activated the free Lead Magnet - a digital lead generating tool that is included with the Local Web Dominator program – on his website: Research shows that today’s customers are motivated to provide you with their information when there is a clear call to action and they know ‘what’s in it for them’.  So, the Lead Magnet encourages unit leads by offering an after-the-purchase premium that Rosenau can customize based on the value of the customer and their purchase.




Asking customers to tell you what they are looking to buy, and encouraging them to give you their information by offering a premium is a magic formula for growing leads and generating more sales. It’s so magical that the Lead Magnet generated 215 unit leads in the past 4 months.  That’s 53 leads per month!  If John’s team is able to close only 10% of those unit leads, that would generate 5 unit sales per month from this single lead source alone.  That’s more than $5,000 in profit EACH MONTH!  Man!  That’s some seriously profitable magic.  And, the incredible team at Rosenau Powersports is making the most out of those additional leads each month.


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