Sharp Shooter Program

Multi-Channel Marketing

Deliver the Right Message, to the Right Target Audience, with the Right Media, at just the Right Time to Grow Market Share and Increase Customer Retention.

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Sharpshooter Program

Personalized Variable Print Postcard

A 6×9 four color variable print postcard with campaign-specific ad copy and call to action already ‘Done for You’ carefully crafted to send customers to your very own web site landing page.

Sharpshooter Program

Personalized Email Campaign

Your house list and harvested list will receive two professionally designed, custom crafted, personal e-mails from the ‘voice’ of your dealership to get them excited about your upcoming campaign and encourage them to respond by visiting the landing page which converts suspects into prospects, and moves them deeper into your sales funnel.

Sharpshooter Program

Custom URL Landing Page

This page is strategically designed to capture relevant information about your prospects and generate bona-fide sales leads for every department in your dealership. Yes, this is the secret sauce!

Sharpshooter Program

Website Banner Ad

Integrating your web site into your campaign is crucial. For each campaign, Powersports Marketing™ will provide a custom web banner to place on your site to further boost response. We leverage your existing ‘web site just lookers’ and convert them into prospects all the while letting online visitors know about your upcoming event.

Sharpshooter Program

Pop Up Survey

To further leverage your web site traffic to increase leads and traffic to your dealerships event, we provide a simple pop-up survey on select pages of your website carefully crafted to capture sales opportunities for every department in your dealership.

Sharpshooter Program

Event Flyers / Bag Stuffers

Drive more qualified prospects to your custom landing page and event with the event flyers and bag stuffers we create to match your other campaign elements. These 8½x11 handouts will allow you to publicize your event within your ‘sweet spot’ – people who are already doing business with your dealership.

Sharpshooter Program

Social Media Updates

We provide ‘Done for You’ artwork and ad copy to make your social media posts pop with a relevant and compelling reason to visit your custom landing page and attend your dealership’s upcoming event.

Sharpshooter Program

Campaign Reporting

No more wasting half of your advertising dollars on marketing and not knowing which half. We provide campaign update reporting including a list of leads for every department in the dealership prior to your event and upon the completion of your event. Following up with the leads from your event creates an Evergreen month long sales process for every department in the store.

Sharpshooter Program

Campaign Training

Due to our sister company Dealership University™, training is in our DNA. That’s why every Sharp Shooter campaign includes at no additional cost, a complete A to Z training session for the leadership team of your dealership to insure all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. Your team can make a huge difference in the results of your campaign, and we make sure they are all dialed in and ready to sell more bikes, make more money, and have more fun!

Latest Reviews

Cust Photo
Tom Shantz
Our organization, Smoky Mountain Harley Owners Group Chapter #3002, has recently been migrated over to a new website provided and managed by Firestorm. In the process, we have had several technical and functionality challenges in the switch from our old website. Alyssa has been amazingly responsive, helpful and solution-oriented throughout the process--even more impressive because she's guiding those of us with no relevant technical backgrounds toward satisfactory resolutions. Truly outstanding . . . can't say enough about all she's done and doing for us! (Employee: Alyssa Hines)
Cust Photo
Gentry Julian
I sent an email over to update a mutual clients website and less than an hour later the new update was up and running on all three websites. I was blown away with how fast the response was and how nice Tia was in helping our client get the best service possible. Thank you Tia! (Employee: Tia Robinson)
Cust Photo
Brian McClure
Awesome! (Employee: Marisa Tils)
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james brown
Good stuff (Employee: Ray Mondragon)
Cust Photo
Marisa is fabulous! Always helpful and I can here the smile on her face everytime we talk (Employee: Marisa Tils)
Cust Photo
Don Cecconi
Indian Motorcycle of Northern Kentucky needed to update our website Showroom with important new models that did not yet have specs & info from the feed source, and Lauren was able to manually update the Showroom so we wouldn't have to wait (no eta) for the feed source. Additionally, we occasionally need to highlight new models with promotional information that the Showroom format won't accommodate. Lauren helped us develop a manual process that provides exposure on the website without impacting the Showroom format. We appreciate her clear (and candid) explanations of issue resolution and her support of our site upgrades. She does a great job. (Employee: Lauren Linenfelser)
Cust Photo
Jared Lautzenheiser
The entire team at PSM is awesome to work with! Highly recommend them! (Employee: Melissa Collins)
Cust Photo
Robert Googe
Alyssa has been extremely helpful during our design and launch of our website. She has been readily available whenever we have needed her and has always responded back very quickly. She has handled any questions and tasks efficiently and has always provided a solution or answer. We are still in the propagation period and still have communication with Alyssa. She has been a HUGE help during this process and has always been willing to go the extra mile. Robert Googe Got Gear Motorsports (Employee: Alyssa Hines)
Cust Photo
Amber Anderson
Taylor is great to work with at PSM!! He is a rockstar in digging into all of my requests and gets back to me promptly! Everyone is great to work with at PSM! Thanks Taylor for everything! (Employee: Taylor McCullough)
Cust Photo
Steve Larson
Alyssa made the process of switching our website to PSM much easier that we thought. She's a true pro and kept us on track. Thank you from your friends at H-D of Asheville! (Employee: Alyssa Hines)

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