Local Web Dominator (LWD) Program

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The Local Web Dominator (LWD) Program puts automated systems in place that work to increase positive reviews for your dealership, reactivate lost customers, and find new potential customers who live in your backyard and turn them into sales.

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Local Web Dominator

Grow online reviews & boost SEO

We create a 3rd party review site for your dealership and load it up with authentic customer reviews with our proprietary automated review acquisition system. 4 and 5 star reviewers are encouraged to share their reviews on your Google listing as well.

Mentions of your dealership on a Google friendly review site linking back to your dealership’s web site creates organic SEO value through quality back-links.

Local Web Dominator

Identify why lost customers aren’t coming back to save them – and the lost sales dollars they represent

Our review acquisition system uncovers customers who may have had a ‘less than excellent’ experience in your dealership.  This allows you to identify unhappy customers, respond to them appropriately and privately, saving the relationship and insuring that they continue to do business with you again in the future.

Local Web Dominator

Sending kick@$$ emails just got a whole lot easier

Powersports Marketing’s in-house development team has created the only email system dedicated specifically to the powersports industry. 

With this revolutionary email system, dealers are able to create original, creative emails in minutes that contain professional graphics designed for powersports enthusiasts by powersports enthusiasts. Attempting to hammer powersports emails into cookie cutter generic email templates is now a thing of the past.

Local Web Dominator

Increase web traffic with Google Ads Pay-Per-Click advertising

With only 3-6% of the population riding motorcycles, it’s critical to have a marketing tool that can actively target riders with surgical precision – and in the right hands, that’s what Google Ads do. Our team of Google Premier Partners has decades of motorcycle dealership experience, and is able to target riders in your area who are actively looking for what you sell – right when they are looking for it.

No other company in the industry has the mix of Google Ads expertise and dealership experience, and that shows in our results.

Local Web Dominator

Google Remarketing – Don’t let them forget about you

Visitors don’t usually buy on the first visit. They usually visit your site to do research on the model they are interested in, window shop a little, and then leave.

The magic of Remarketing is that once they have visited your site, when they go to other sites like weather.com, foxnews.com, cnn.com, or even YouTube, your ad shows up reminding them of that motorcycle and your dealership. Your dealership stays at the top of their mind, and best of all, you only pay if they take action and click.

Local Web Dominator

Find new faces and increase credibility.

We drive additional traffic through Facebook advertising designed to grow the number of riders within your area who don’t already like you on Facebook but ride what you sell and live in your backyard. Also, when combined with the Reputation Management element, the system will post up to two 5-star reviews daily to your Facebook news-feed.

Local Web Dominator

Reviews & Ranking Mobile App

Our proprietary Reviews & Rankings Mobile App grows 5-stars reviews through text messages or emails, increases your star rating on Google and automatically posts customer photos on your Facebook news feed.  All with the click of a button from your iPhone, Android or Tablet.

Local Web Dominator

Identify traffic on your website.

Identify Anonymous Visitors and Increase Leads Did you know 80% of your website traffic is looking at inventory pages? Yet less than 3% of visitors fill out a form, which means 97% of visitors (or more) are anonymous. You have no idea who they are.

Firestorm Onboarding identifies customers on your website so you can know that “Joe Smith” has been on your website 3 different times over the past week. He’s been browsing certain models, and yesterday he viewed 3 of those models that are in your inventory right now. Discover more by completing the form above.

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