About Us
About Us

I often get asked why Dealership University™ launched Powersports Marketing™.

It’s pretty simple. What good is a trained staff if you have no floor traffic? In contrast, what good is driving a flood of traffic into your dealership if your staff isn’t trained to optimize every sales opportunity?  The bottom line is that neither on their own will create a thriving business:  you need to have a balance of practical, timely,quality training mixed with a marketing plan that delivers the right message, via the right media, to the right target audience, at just the right time. That’s why Dealership University (training) launched Powersports Marketing (marketing) – to help YOU find that profitable balance.

As Dealership University™ began training dealers on marketing best practices, we uncovered numerous marketing challenges that were unique to Powersports dealers.  As we worked with generic marketing vendors on behalf of our clients, it became clear that dealers needed a marketing specialist who understood the unique wants and needs of a dealership in the Powersports industry.  Not just some ad sales rep trying to reach their quota.

Furthermore, we found that marketing best practices were evolving at such a rapid pace it was nearly impossible for a full time dealer to keep up with the available technologies and solutions.  It was even more unlikely that they’d be able to effectively implement these evolving best practices at the dealership in a way that generated maximum profitability.

Finally, at a Boot Camp in Dallas, Texas a dealer said to us, “I wish you guys would quit teaching us how to fish, and just sell us the fish sandwich!” Shortly thereafter, Powersports Marketing™ by Dealership University™ was born, and we began offering the Sharp Shooter ‘Done for You’ Marketing Campaign.

As a former Dealer Principal myself, I’ve experienced the pain of writing a big check for marketing, but having no way to measure the results. This is why I am now so committed to providing marketing campaigns that are seeded in measurable, fact-based, proven systems instead of charging for opinions, guesses, and unfounded speculations.

In fact, that’s one big difference between the types of ‘Done for You’ marketing campaigns we provide versus others. Everything offered by Powersports Marketing™ is specific to Powersports dealers and they are all tracked, measured, charted, and benchmarked so that we can consistently analyze the return on investment, evaluate trends, document best practices and look for systems and process’s to continually improve.

Today, we are proud to be the marketing partners for many of the nation’s top performing  motorcycle dealers. We continue to stay on the leading edge of marketing and training best practices as the two really do synergize to create big profits for your Powersports business.  To get more information about our ‘Done for You’ campaigns or to find out how we can help you create a profitable balance of training and marketing for your dealership, give us a call at (877) 242-4472.


Rod Stuckey