Sharp Shooter Program

Multi-Channel Marketing

Deliver the Right Message, to the Right Target Audience, with the Right Media, at just the Right Time to Grow Market Share and Increase Customer Retention.

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Sharpshooter Program

Personalized Variable Print Postcard

A 6×9 four color variable print postcard with campaign-specific ad copy and call to action already ‘Done for You’ carefully crafted to send customers to your very own web site landing page.

Personalized Email Campaign

Your house list and harvested list will receive two professionally designed, custom crafted, personal e-mails from the ‘voice’ of your dealership to get them excited about your upcoming campaign and encourage them to respond by visiting the landing page which converts suspects into prospects, and moves them deeper into your sales funnel.

Sharpshooter Program

Custom URL Landing Page

This page is strategically designed to capture relevant information about your prospects and generate bona-fide sales leads for every department in your dealership. Yes, this is the secret sauce!

Sharpshooter Program

Website Banner Ad

Integrating your web site into your campaign is crucial. For each campaign, Powersports Marketing™ will provide a custom web banner to place on your site to further boost response. We leverage your existing ‘web site just lookers’ and convert them into prospects all the while letting online visitors know about your upcoming event.

Sharpshooter Program

Pop Up Survey

To further leverage your web site traffic to increase leads and traffic to your dealerships event, we provide a simple pop-up survey on select pages of your website carefully crafted to capture sales opportunities for every department in your dealership.

Sharpshooter Program

Campaign Reporting

No more wasting half of your advertising dollars on marketing and not knowing which half. We provide campaign update reporting including a list of leads for every department in the dealership prior to your event and upon the completion of your event. Following up with the leads from your event creates an Evergreen month long sales process for every department in the store.

Latest Reviews

Cust Photo
Cust Photo
Ashley Kioski
I recently did some house cleaning on our website and made some updates to make the site more user-friendly, updated/ removed outdated information and verbiage, added some new features, etc. Tia was extremely helpful and made all of my updates in a timely fashion and worked directly with our designers to make the necessary changes needed and always kept me in the loop. She also provided me with several how-to guides and walked me through the processes of the things that I could do from my end. And from that I learned a lot about how to navigate the website from my end without needing to reach out to you guys and making quick fixes that I need (something that I wasn't very familiar with or confident on doing on my own before). The entire PSM team has been more than helpful anytime I have reached out and goes above and beyond to help! Thank you again for all being so awesome and great to work with! (Employee: Tia Robinson)
Cust Photo
John and Alyssa were fantastic in putting our new website together and making sure we transitioned without a hiccup. They were available anytime we had questions or concerns and the entire team is just a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with PSM for our marketing needs. Thank you so much PSM! (Employee: Alyssa Hines, John Ambuehl)
Cust Photo
Alexis Aguilar
Sabrina was awesome and had everything ready to go ON TIME and beating a very small time frame we had! Awesome work and our company really appreciated everything. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! (Employee: Sabrina Deyoe)
Cust Photo
Jon Juronoc
Sabrina Deyoe is always a pleasure to work with! She is very knowledgeable and is always willing to help with anything our dealership team needs. There is nothing she has not been able to help with and is great at anticipating our needs. Every time I reach out to her she is very prompt at handling whatever we need done. Thanks Sabrina & PSM for everything you do to help make Wolverine H-D successful!! (Employee: Sabrina Deyoe)
Cust Photo
Ryan P
Although I am not from a dealership, I'm leaving this review because I have never worked with a support team with such fast response times and the outstanding willingness to help. If this is how I am treated as a third party, I can only imagine being treated as a client. Lauren and Alyssa are simply unmatched. My best advice, keep them forever and your business with thrive. (Employee: Lauren Linenfelser, Alyssa Hines)
Cust Photo
Mike Pfab
Over the years, I've worked with a number of companies providing digital services. In my experience, it is rare to find one that can stand behind their promises and deliver top-shelf customer service, but that is exactly what PSM Marketing and Tia Robinson have done. Tia and her team provide the attention to detail across our multiple SEM accounts with lightning-quick response times. The follow-up on requested changes for our accounts is fantastic. Simply put, if Tia is handling it, it's going to get done and get done right. (Employee: Tia Robinson)
Cust Photo
Jim Snyder
Lauren was a pleasure to work with during the setup process of our new websites!! (Employee: Lauren Linenfelser)
Cust Photo
Hugh Huff
Thanks Staci....great job with the set of slides ! Great work...WOW! Cheers, Hugh Huff
Cust Photo
Brett Sassaman
Lauren made the process of refreshing our website a breeze. She was attentive, great to work with, had excellent suggestions and feedback for our design, and ultimately helped us come up with the best looking / functioning site we've ever had. Thank you Lauren and team! (Employee: Lauren Linenfelser)

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