Over 200,000 Impressions & 6,000 Clicks for $600

Eric Pedretti | 11/25/2020

It has been one crazy year! Who knew it would take a pandemic to create record months? A few short months ago when Governors were closing businesses down, we all thought our industry might really be in trouble. And then the opposite happened. Families skipped their normal vacations, found a few extra bucks in their pocket from the government and said screw it, let’s go buy a SxS, a motorcycle, a boat or an RV. So instead of going out of business, the average dealer was overwhelmed with demand like they’ve never seen before and now most dealers are out of inventory. Crazy. 

To help dealers combat this rollercoaster of a year, we rolled out our new ‘Integrated Display Marketing program’. It’s designed to truly roll with the punches and specifically address the four greatest needs of a dealership’s business each and every month. We found a few major opportunities that existed this year for the average dealer. Most dealers’ digital advertising was fragmented…web banners on the website didn’t match the YouTube ads, which didn’t match social media posts, which didn’t match the remarketing they were running and everything was simply pulling in different directions. But to be fair, unless you had a full-time marketing manager who doubled as a graphic artist, happened to be Facebook & Google Certified Expert and had hours and hours to devote to ensuring everything online was pulling in the same direction every single week while you were dealing with unprecedented demand…it probably wasn’t the highest item on your priority list. 

The pandemic didn’t just create crazy demand, it also created crazy opportunity in social media marketing. You had the perfect storm of less businesses advertising on social media (due to COVID) and more people spending more time on social media than ever before (due to COVID) which created the perfect opportunity to get massive advertising results for a very limited expense.

Like the title said, we’ve had multiple clients get over 200k impressions exclusively to their buying base of past customers and a look-alike audience in their market (AKA their competitor’s customers who buy what they sell, live in their backyard, but haven’t bought from them yet) and over 6,000 clicks to their website for less than $600 in one month. If you would’ve told me at any point in the past half decade that was possible, I wouldn’t told you you’re crazy. 

With that type of fire power, our Integrated Digital Marketing Program helps dealers fix their ever-evolving challenges by changing each month based on the up-to-date needs of their business. You pick up to four categories each month that you need to focus on and you set the budget; we take care of the rest. Our in-house graphic artists create artwork for each of your four categories to display across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Google’s Display Network which requires dozens of different shapes and sizes. They also create web banners featuring those same categories for your website. Next, our in-house digital marketing experts go to work managing those four individual campaigns across four platforms targeting your buying base, with individual budgets and geo-targeting so you get the maximum results possible. Once they leave your website, we remarket to them with the same ad that brought them to your website initially. This ‘Be Everywhere’ strategy pushes folks through the sales funnel faster so you can sell more of everything.

Service down? Let's push service this month. MotorClothes/Apparel off? Let's focus one of your four categories on PG&A. Inventory shortages? Our clients are buying better units at costs well below the auction from customers and prospects in their backyard that they can turn around and make a healthy margin on. In-fact, we helped a dealer in Canada buy back 65 pre-owned units in 6 weeks using this program. Another dealer in New York bought back 35 units in one month. Another in Detroit has been running these campaigns for the past three months and all three dealers are the only dealers with any inventory in their markets. Check out some real results from dealers just like you across North America and call or text us at (770) 692-1750 to learn how we can help you specifically address the four greatest needs of your business each and every month. Happy selling.