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Why Direct Mail?

Direct Mail

Using magnetic resonance imagery scanning to study brain responses in physical verses digital marketing, Bangor University found that there is “greater emotional processing by physical material than by virtual”. In other words, direct mail will always create more emotion because it’s tangible.

Multiple consumer studies have also proven that people receive an 'emotional boost' from receiving direct mail (even from the 18-34 year old demographic), and the vast majority of people actually enjoy checking their mailbox at home.

Direct mail enables us to target a dealership's Buying Base, which is derived from 2 groups of people. The first group is past & present customers. After all, the person most likely to respond to marketing and give a dealership money is the person who has done it before. The second group is Powersports enthusiasts who live close in proximity, but haven't purchased anything from the dealer before.

These 2 groups of people are where most (if not all) of a dealership's future sales will come from over the next 12 months. We utilize an extensive data hygiene process to keep this list clean and up-to-date.

It's for these reasons, and more, that we've printed and mailed literally millions of postcards, and why we experience so much success with this media.

We Print In House

Direct Mail

Unlike most marketing agencies who outsource their printing to an old print press, we do all of our printing in house. Powersports Marketing has invested in 2 state of the art Xerox XC1000i Digital Print Presses.

These Digital Print Presses feature high-resolution Variable Printing, enabling us to personalize each postcard we print to the Powersports enthusiasts we're mailing it to. This is called 1-to-1 marketing and it generates much better response rates over traditional printing with Offset Print Presses.

Mailing Services

Direct Mail

We fulfill all of our own mailing services as well. This enables us to streamline the process and be as efficient as possible. And since we've eliminated the middle man, that means quicker turn around time!

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